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2hr Workshops

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Are you ready for some time to yourself - to dive in deeper to the aspects of your wellness while pregnant? This 2hr workshop includes movement, conversation and connection, to build lasting strategies for your journey through pregnancy.  

Sunday, March 7th 10a-12pMST  Topic: Whole Person Wellness

Following the same structure, but in a smaller dose, join us for one of our Virtual 2hr Workshops.

These are designed to stand alone, and give participants a feel for what the full program has to offer.  Each date contains different material, but each will have a yoga experience, breathwork, journaling and a wellness conversation.

All of my offerings are intentionally supportive of LGBTQ+ & BIPOC experiences. 

Prenatal Wellness for
the Whole Person

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Full 6 Week Series

 Join us for a supportive program for all identities, experiences and stages of pregnancy.  We dive deeper into the aspects of whole person wellness and integrate it with the experience of pregnancy.  This 6 week informative series includes a weekly session covering yoga, breathwork, nutrition, mental health, aspects of pregnancy, labor & birth. We, as facilitators, are committed to creating an empowered space for all individuals experiencing pregnancy, with mindful consideration for LGBTQIA, BIPOC, Surrogacy and Rainbow Pregnancies.

 -Offered in Partnership with JKB Wellness-

May/June TBA,
10-11:30a MST

But, What Is It?

This is a live, virtual program consisting of a weekly group meeting (90min), digital resources and ongoing conversation and support. 

Each meeting consists of:

a yoga experience (including movement, breathwork and mindfulness practices),

a wellness conversation,

and a 'diving deeper' learning component. 

Beyond the meeting, this program includes:

weekly journal prompts,

access to additional prenatal yoga classes,

and one private 30min wellness coaching session. 

Included with your payment, shipped to your house, you receive a Warmie Heart and journal.

Early Bird Pricing (Prior to Feb. 1st) $250/Participant

Standard Pricing $300/Participant*

*Sliding Scale Available Upon Request

This program is designed to offer something for everyone - stepping beyond the basics of pregnancy to create wellness patterns that support you as an individual, a caregiver and a divine birthing body.

Just as we honor and respect your experience of pregnancy, please respect and honor other’s experiences.  - This brave space is created to be inclusive and equitable for all pregnant bodies.

In addition to the content and community offered in this program, we are happy to provide you with culturally competent resources to support you beyond this wellness program.

And, What It's Not:

This program should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis. 

The nutrition component is *not a diet*, but a conversation on how what we want to eat, and fundamental nutrition play into pregnancy and fetal development.  

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